H1 Bulb - Bulbs Halogen HID H1

The H1 bulb is designed for various vehicles as head lights and fog lights. These bulbs are suitable for the vehicle’s high beams.  These are very clear in color and their wattage ranges from 55 to 100.  They are referred as HID bulbs because they spread out a brilliant light beam which more or less equals the effect of high intensity discharge bulbs.  But the HID bulbs are very expensive but H1 bulbs provide you the same effect of light output within an affordable price.  2 years of warranty period is given on these bulbs.  They are available in a wide range of colors like red, green, blue, purple, yellow, white etc. for the buyers to choose according to their choice. 

H1 Bulb

The color of H1 bulb reflects its color temperature stated in Kelvin.  The higher the color temperature the brighter the bulb’s light.  These bulbs are so bright and enhance the appearance of your vehicle and also optimize the road visibility to make the night drive a safer one.  They provide you with safety and better visibility even during very bad weather conditions.  They not only improve the lighting performance of your vehicle but also add a stylish and handsome look to your vehicles.  These bulbs are made unique for each and every make and model.  So they suit almost all the cars.  These bulbs produce a very bright, clear light so you could get a better reflection from the road signs.  Their light equals the natural light and you can drive with full of confidence. 
These bulbs contribute so much for the safety and performance that cannot be expressed in words.  They are compatible with the wiring and fitment of your vehicle’s electrical system and they do not harm or damage any of the internal parts.  These bulbs elevate your vehicle’s road profile to a newer and greater height.  Their enhanced and greater light output provides better reflection of road markings and the objects from any farther could be identified very clearly.  Hence there are no chances of any accidents or mishaps during the night journeys.  Installing these bulbs is the easiest and safest task as it requires no modification or additional wiring etc. 
You can purchase them with full confidence knowing that they are going to be your best companions during a night journey or a very unfavorable weather conditions.  Their quality is supreme, price is affordable and they also ensure safety.  Then what stops any one from purchasing it? Nothing I guess. That is why they have become the favorite product of the drivers who love night journeys.  They have become the drivers’ choice due to their emission of a bright, crisp and focused light beam.  So the drivers are able to drive without any tension to distract their minds.  So they staunchly believe that H1 bulbs are designed for the safety and security of the night riders. 
Driving has become safe and sitting behind the car’s wheel has become a sheer pleasure due to the usage of these bulbs.  Fixing these bulbs to your vehicle make a big difference not only in the appearance but also in enhancing your driving ability as your confidence level boosts up with clear vision provided by these bulbs resulting in a safer and jolly trip.  Whatever may be the weather; these bulbs provide you more visibility and also highlight any potential dangers earlier and give you a great reaction time.  They help you in minimizing your eye strain as all the objects are clearly visible and allow you a more relaxed and enjoyable driving experience. The trip will   be fun filled not only for you but for the oncoming traffic too as these light beams do not irritate or trouble the vision of the oncoming traffic. In that way using these H1 bulbs make every one’s night trip a pleasurable one.